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My Cocoon Life

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change” – Carl R. Rogers.

Life Changes

We all handle life situations differently.  For me the loss of my Mam coupled with trying to function in a relationship and parenting through grief was overwhelming.  Today acceptance of what is, overtakes what were once periods of fear, worry and physical pain from being emotionally exhausted.  As a result of the difficulties I experienced adjusting to life changes, I still have my moments but this time around I know it will pass, it’s not forever, it’s a moment by moment process.  More self awareness allows me to live as the present moment happens rather than in the history of my mind or in the stress and worry of a future that may only materialise in my head.


I became intrigued by the nature of our thoughts and how left untreated it can impact our emotional and physical health.  My belief is mindfulness can help us in creating more self compassion, acceptance, kindness and permission just to be where we are in the moment.  There is a light beyond where we are, it shines when the world conspires synchronistically and then the magic happens.

Cocoon Life Podcast

On the road to making Cocoon Life, I met so many incredible people.  This Podcast  has conversations with those who found a way past their own life-changing experiences and found a different harmony in their lives.  It’s a discussion with guests who live life passionately and have an awareness of the power our thoughts can have in creating a healthy mind.  I met so many interesting people that I wanted you to hear their stories too, hence the Podcast – a platform where we discuss their life’s journey, choices, stories of hope, healing and living life on purpose.

Like the caterpillar who wraps around itself a cocoon, it does so without knowing, through a moment by moment process.  How then it emerges with wings.  The world still the same yet from a different view it can see so much more.

Cocoon Life wasn’t just me it was my guests, family, friends and all the people I met along the way. My life experiences and all who inspired me helped me learn more about myself, so I can’t take the credit.  Cocoon Life is about all our lives.

Favourite Quote

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at changes” -Wayne Dyer.

Favourite place in the world

There are loads but one stands out just a smidge more.  Laced up boots, wrapped up and standing on the top of the Kerry Mountains overlooking the breathtaking views of the Wild Atlantic Way.