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Cocoon Life Podcast – Season 2 Living Life on Purpose

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change” – Carl R. Rogers

 Season Two Podcast; Living Life on Purpose

   Season Two Podcast; Living Life on Purpose

In the second season of Cocoon Life I will be speaking to guests who live their life on purpose.  A reminder of the power and the choices we have in our lives.  My guests discuss their passion for this rare and precious life and the empowerment we can find in our struggles.

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For my guests that took part, those that followed the process, to family friends and in particular those who became part of the Cocoon Life Community, a big massive thank you to you all.  It meant so much to me.

Mindfully You

Every sunset is a gift

Heaven on Earth is a choice you must make, not a place you must find.”
― Wayne W. Dyer

There is no one in the world quite like you.  But we do share something.  We all experience a range of emotions happiness, sadness, anger and frustration just to name a few.  How we deal with them is for us to explore.

A little exercise.

I’m going to ask you to observe your breath as you breathe in slow and gentle.  Now observe your breath as you breathe out.  Next observe the gap as your breath turns around from inward to outward and so on.  Were you thinking this whole time?  Did your thoughts challenge your exploration of silence?

Try this exercise again.  This time as you notice your thoughts and any self-talk which may happen, acknowledge them like standing on a river bank, watch them gently float on the fallen autumn leaves, then bring your attention back and refocus on your breath.  Become the witness the observer of your breath, your life force.

This is an exercise you can do anytime, anywhere.  When you become aware of your thoughts and how powerful they are you will slowly begin to notice more.  Becoming more mindful of exploring the inner you, silence in our mind is a beautiful place to be.  Feeling the waltz of all of your senses.  The dance of life that takes place inside you.  Give yourself your time, you are so worth it!

Mindfulness and meditation allow us to be more mindful of not just our outer world but our inner world.  If you would like to know more about mindfulness, check out  Insight Timer (no affiliation).  It covers mindfulness, mediations and talks for beginners and those more experienced.  I would also recommend Tony Brady,  Tom Evans,  Padraig Moran and Sarah Blondin (Live Awake Project)


An Inward Journey

Finding Peace

Cocoon Life was born through the seasons of grief and the challenges of relationships, parenting and meeting others who inspired me with their journeys.  Finding peace, a journey I could never have imagined.  Life in its wisdom brought me in another direction, an inward one.  What were once and still are life challenges now come with the gift of learning more of me.

What have I learned

I learned that the pain of losing a loved one and how we cope has so many more complexities than I could ever have imagined.  I know that there is a life where peace and serenity can live alongside the pain of loss.  I know that we all have our own journeys and while the roads may wander differently I believe for all of us we crave the longing of a life humble of our deepest selves.


I believe we are more than our physical forms.  That our spirit is greater than what we can see.  I want to share with you my love of life, those that inspire me and who I am.