Cocoon Life Manifesting Wings

It’s one of those truths you don’t have to think about.  You just feel it in your bones” – Tom, Insight Timer, MA, USA.


The Birth of Cocoon Life Podcast

Cocoon Life Podcast was born as a result of the change I wanted to see in the world.  I wanted to explore the paradox we find ourselves in when living with pain and the peace that comes from our darkest places.  I also wanted to find how my guests changed their paths when faced with challenging life events and where was the change, and where they are today.  I met so many incredible people I wanted the world to hear and see what I did, hence Cocoon Life Podcast.

Cocoon Life Podcast wants to share with you the concept that just because you may not see a light beyond where you are, it doesn’t mean it’s not there – it just means you may not see it from where you are.  When life changes, I know it’s hard and challenging and there is a fear of treading a different path and leaving the only one you have ever known.  With an open mind, consider what it is you are afraid of and with an open heart you may receive a gift you could never have imagined.

Inspiring Journeys, Life lived With Purpose

Cocoon Life Podcast is a platform for stories of life journeys and those choosing to live with purpose.  It is a conversational style podcast exploring the different journeys we all take.  I want to share with you the stories of people who inspire me when life chose a different path for them, they chose at their crossroad how they walked their journey.  Taking control of their destiny, to reclaim and to let go.

 Manifesting Wings

The freedom of the butterfly as it shows itself. Potent in its movement.  A different life.  It explores a new mystery as it unfolds. Facing forward in its flight.  Wings that manifest before it even knows it can fly

We can all make a difference in this world, it really begins with one thought.

My first thought – My Cocoon.  Manifesting wings meant I had to step out from my comfort zone, my cocoon.  From one thought, today on Cocoon Life Podcast I speak with guests who make a difference and make this world a little more beautiful.

“You’re only one thought away from changing your life”. – Wayne Dyer, The Shift.

I would love you to hear these stories.  If you love inspiration, hope and courage, please click on the link for Cocoon Life Podcast Here you will find links to the shows, show notes, links to guests, and topics covered.  From me to you.  Thank you.

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