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“Be the change you wish to see in the world” Wayne Dyer

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Episode Two – Season Two, Living Life on Purpose.  Maresa Walsh, Cleo Aroma Therapies.

Living Life on Purpose – Marisa Walsh, owner of Cleo Aroma Therapies in Laoise shares her journey.

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Maresa speaks with us about the gift of giving, her love of life and why she began her practice with complementary therapies. She discusses her inspiration, her passion for nature and natural products. A beautiful reminder of how precious life is.


Episode One – Season Two, Living Life on Purpose.  Clare Muldowney a Practitioner of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique also referred to as tapping) and Matrix Re-imprinting, shares her journey.

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Clare was previously a school teacher who taught for 25 years.  Today as an EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting practitioner Clare discusses how our body gives us messages and how tapping can help in our healing.  With her beautiful energetic passion for helping others, Clare reminds us of the empowerment we can find in our struggles and the importance of looking after our emotional well being.



Episode One – Season One, Lifes Journey. Living with  M.E. Artist and writer, Corina Duyn  shares her journey on Cocoon Life Podcast.

YouTube: Life with M.E. – Season 01 Episode 01

CastBox: Life with M.E. – Season 01 Episode 01

Today Corina continues to inspire us through her beautiful insightful mind, so evident in her art and books, especially  “Into the light”  Corina is also hosting captivating and delightful Puppet – making workshops in her studio and via distant learning.  Click here for Books


Episode Two – Season One, Lifes Journey.  Karen Comerford shares her journey, Her life with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

YouTube: Life with Fibromyalgia – Season 01 Episode 02

CastBox: Life with Fibromyalgia – Season 01 Episode 02

How after years of living with constant pain, Karen chose how it was now going to live in her life.  Today Karen lives an inspired life.  She specialises in chronic pain management and stress and how to live with it.  She does this through physical techniques and therapies that have improved the quality of her own life. And in nourishing the soul she also runs a fun mobile re-soul retreat in partnership with Deirdre Talon.


 Episode Three – Season One, Lifes Journey.  Johann Callaghan shares with us her journey through grief.

YouTube: Healing after loss – Season 01 Episode 03

CastBox: Healing after loss – Season 01 Episode 03

Healing after a loss.  Author of How to get a good nights sleep  How to get a good nights sleep, key note speaker and online trainer, Johann today helps to empower people to take back control of their sleep, health and happiness through workshops, talks and online courses.  She is an Author, Speaker, Educator, Holistic Therapist, Clinical Aromatherapist, Entrepreneur, busy mum, Organiser of the Empowering Mind Body & Soul Expo, June 2017 and winner of Micro Biz Awards (MBA), member of the year 2016.


Episode Four -Season One, Lifes Journey.  Feeling lost like she wasn’t even in her own life,  Noelle Goggin  shares with us her journey through a difficult divorce.

YouTube: Soul Empowerment – Season 01 Episode 04

CastBox: Soul Empowerment – Season 01 Episode 04

Today, through her own inner healing and finding her happiness, Noelle lives a life fulfilled with peace and purpose and now also shares a positive and supportive co-parenting relationship with her ex-husband.  She is an author, Intuitive Healer, Life, Soul and Business Coach, NLP Practitioner and Reiki Master. Through 1-1 Mentoring and Group Programs, she helps people to create peace, passion and purpose in their lives.



Episode Five – Season One, Lifes Journey.  Identified as a young person at risk, with a congenital heart defect at the age of 16 and fighting against medical odds. Alan Judge  shares with us his journey.

YouTube: Fighting against all odds – Season 01 Episode 05

CastBox: Fighting against all odds – Season 01 Episode 05

From difficult teenage years to a life lived with hope, courage inspiration and passion.  Today Alan works as a Youth Worker with  Foroige  Ireland’s largest youth organisation.  He continues to inspire others with his passion for life and his love of kayaking. Raising awareness for others in difficult circumstances.

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