Behind the Cocoon

Cora Fitzpatrick

So a little bit about me

When not working on Cocoon Life I work part-time in the postal sector.  I have three teenage boys and I am a Life and Soul coach.  I am passionate about mindfulness and meditation and how this can help in the wellbeing of a healthy mind and body.  Recently I completed a certificate in the therapeutic use of mindfulness and am currently studying in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

With sincere gratitude to

My Guests

All my beautiful guests who inspired me and choose to share their journey with Cocoon Life,  I will be forever grateful and humbled by your spirit.  I am so inspired by our conversations – it’s what drives me to work so hard on the podcast.

Consultation, Advice and Support

Thank you to Fiona Hogan from The Editing Hub for her expertise and her great advice when starting up the Cocoon Life Website.  To the very talented singer/songwriter/composer Beatrix Nova who composed and elegantly produced beautiful music for the Cocoon Life Podcast.  To Corina Duyn who graciously gave permission to use photos of her exquisite cocoon and enchanting figures.  To the  The Podcast Host  for all their expert advice and support while setting up this podcast.  Thank you all so much.

Friends and family

To my dearest friend Karen Chadwick for all her support and time spent helping me in particular with social media.  You really are a Hidden Hero.  My dear friend Val Meehan thank you so much for all our in-depth authentic chats that kept me going, always gentle and encouraging in her words.  To Gemma, in asking me the more difficult questions and challenging my thinking always at the right time reminding me of the gift in life lessons.  My dear friends Martina Burke, Angela Mulally for all our faithful conversations and Marissa for all your kind words and support.  I am so grateful to have all of you in my life.  For my friend Paula Drew who has an uncanny ability to make me and all around her laugh and can always find something funny in the most obscure of circumstances.  To my work colleagues, generous with their support when discussing Cocoon Life Podcast, thank you for all your kind words, they all helped so much.  My spirit has grown from these beautiful friendships.

To Nigel, Cody, Jake and Mitch I am so blessed to have you as my family.  Thank you for all your support especially for all the time you gave helping me be where I am today.  To Cody for all the podcasting advice, it helped so much.  To Jake for all the hours and more hours with me setting up Cocoon Life Podcast and the website, It was worth it.  To Nigel for being so supportive and believing in me from the start, gracious with your time when I was working on this project.  To Mitch for all your encouragement and kind words, it meant so much.  ‘To my dear sister, Nita for actively supporting me in this endeavor and all my family for their encouragement thank you.

To David who gently challenged me and walked with me in my painful silence, I’m really glad you were there and I know now our first encounter was no coincidence.  It really has been a journey, a rollercoaster of emotions but all worth it to be here today.

Cocoon Life exists because of all the people involved in its birth.  It wasn’t just me, it was my guests, family, friends and all the people I met along the way. My life experiences and all who inspired me helped me learn more about myself, so I can’t take the credit.  Cocoon Life is about all our lives.