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As someone who knows the importance of reaching out, it’s my intention to raise awareness along with that of my guests of how important it is to take care of you.  This page was set up to promote support of services, books and links.  These links are personal favourites.  We are all unique, you may find them helpful and if not, don’t give up, find what works for you.

Mental Health Ireland   Promoting positive mental health, information, training, and getting involved.  Excellent website with links and contact details for a whole range of a variety of services.

HSE Ireland   Mental Health Services, Ireland.


The Power of Positive Thinking   – Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of Now   – Eckhart Tolle

Seat of the Soul  – Gary Zukav

Mans Search for Meaning    – Victor Frankl

Co-dependent No More   – Melody Beattie

Why am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am   – John Powell

Into the Light  – Corina Duyn

How to get a Good Nights Sleep  – Johann Callaghan

Anam Cara – John O’Donoghue


Dr. Wayne Dyer – Everyday Wisdom

Dr. Joe Dispenza (Neuro Scientist) – Science of Brain

Eckhart Tolle – The Pain Body

Beannacht – A poem by the late John O’Donoghue (One to warm the soul)